Polypropylene(PP) Staple Fiber Needle Punched Nonwoven Geotextiles

Category: Geotextiles

Tags: Geotextiles, Polyester Staple Fiber Needle-Punched Nonwoven Geotextiles, PP Woven Geotextiles

Tinhy Non-Woven Needle-Punched Geotextiles have been made of high-quality polypropylene or polyester staple fibers. They are combed, laid, needled, and processed. The product has good flexibility, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, high strength, stable size, good water permeability, filtration and isolation performance, and convenient construction.

Tinhy’s Polypropylene Short Fiber Needle-Punched Nonwoven Geotextiles definitely conform to the world-wide recognized standard of AASHTO M288. PP nonwoven geotextile is a kind of suitable material for civil constructing applications that demand the filtration, erosion control, separation, and drainage of soil.

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